Temperature Recording & Reporting Software

“Due diligence”

The need to exercise “Due diligence” under Food Safety Legislation has become increasingly onerous for hospitality businesses. The creation and storage of large volumes of paper temperature control records is a significant problem for businesses. Records can easily be lost and incomplete.

Our web-based temperature recording and reporting system provides a database of temperature records which is easy to use yet based on innovative technology. It eliminates the need for paper records and provides reports on non-compliant temperatures every 24 hours.

The software is used in conjunction with the ETI Saf-T-Log thermometer.
ETI Ltd is the UK's largest digital thermometer manufacturer in the UK.

What are the advantages of using our software?

  • All temperature control records are securely stored in a database and kept indefinitely.
  • Temperature records are accurate, easily viewed by the local manager and cannot be changed thus avoiding the potential for fraud.
  • Management are informed when things go wrong and are in a position to react promptly e.g. immediate awareness of fridge/freezer breakdowns for management.
  • In the case of an incident or a visit by an enforcement officer you are able to prove how you manage your HACCP systems.
  • Every 24 hours an email is sent by the software to the nominated head office manager or business owner which identifies the restaurant, missing and non-compliant temperature records, corrective actions taken and the user who has recorded the temperatures.
  • All records are held in the database and are never lost. Reports using a variety of filters can be produced e.g. by date, week, month, food, process, user and can be printed out if required.

How it works

Secure access is provided via a user name and password for each site manager or business owner. The system is set up using the software which allows managers to input:

  • users responsible for taking the temperatures
  • frequency of temperature checks
  • items to be monitored i.e. food, equipment (fridges and freezers) and processes (cooking, cooling, reheating, deliveries)
  • temperature parameters for each check

The information is transferred from the computer to the thermometer via a USB. Users can then scroll down through the items to be monitored, take recordings and then transfer them to the PC using the USB. When temperatures are uploaded they can be immediately viewed by the manager.

System Functionality and support

  • Access to our web-based system requires a Broadband connection to the internet or via an intranet.
  • Each site manager is provided with a username and password to log into the system together with instruction on how to access the software and use the thermometer.
  • Email and telephone support is provided by Cocoms.

Information for IT managers

Our systems have been hosted on secure servers at Rackspace the UK’s leading provider of server technology. All of our bespoke software has been developed for Cocoms and has been in constant use since 2007.

Temperature Recording & Reporting Software

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